Disaster Recovery

Planning for a disaster to happen isn't on everyone's mind. From data corruption to fire or flood you need to protect your information from the unknowns.

Ensuring your organization has a plan for the just incase is essential and requires all parties to plan, coordinate and execute when the time comes. Reviewing your disaster recovery options and plan should be explored every 6 months as your business changes, so do your options and capability.

The time of recovery and in which points you want to be able recover from are all decided at the start, costs will be required and a host of questions need to be answered such as - 

Looking to just have a backup in the cloud? Or have a bootable server elsewhere to prevent long recovery outages? How often should backups be performed? Workstation Replacement Plans? Server Replacement/Repair plans?

If these are questions you're asking yourself daily - sounds like an outline is needed! Let us work with you and review your uptime need!